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Categories: Mac OS X. Learn why people trust wikiHow. The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article's instructions and validated that they work. Learn more Download your preferred web browser. Firefox - Go to Firefox's download page and click the green Download Now button. Opera - Go to Opera's download page and click the green Download now button. Install your browser. To do so: Double-click the downloaded DMG file.

How to Import Chrome Bookmarks to Safari (July 12222 Update)

Follow any on-screen prompts if available. Click and drag the browser's icon onto the Applications folder shortcut. Hold down Control while clicking the DMG window. Click Eject in the drop-down menu. Open the Apple menu. Click System Preferences…. It's near the top of the drop-down menu. Doing so opens the System Preferences window. Click General. This option is near the top-left corner of the System Preferences window. You can change your web browser from here. Click the "Default web browser" drop-down box. It's in the middle of the page. Doing so prompts a drop-down menu.

Le support de Firefox est terminé pour OS X , et

Select a browser. In the drop-down menu, click a browser that you want to use.

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As long as the browser is installed on your computer and is up to date, it should show up as an option here. If you don't see the browser that you want to use, restart your Mac and then re-open the System Preferences window to try again. Exit the System Preferences window. Your settings will be saved; any links or app extensions should now open in your new default browser.

My Mac What browsers can I use? Firefox is still supported on old versions of OSX. Google Chrome might be the most popular mobile browser overall, but that's mostly due to Android's dominance in the smartphone market: On iPhones, it comes in as a distant second to Apple's own Safari, which makes it pretty exotic. If you also use Chrome on your desktop or laptop, you can sync bookmarks and recently visited sites via your Google account, replicating Safari's Handoff feature.

There's also one-touch access to Google Translate, voice search using Google rather than Siri, and a handy QR-code scanner above the virtual keyboard. Its "Incognito" mode doesn't send cookies or store browser history. Google Chrome is free and runs on iOS 9. Brave isn't just trying to change browsing, it's trying to change publishing.

Bloqueur de pub pour Safari

It's big on privacy and security, enforcing HTTPS Everywhere and blocking scripts, pop-ups, third-party cookies, ads and trackers. Users can make a monthly payment to Brave to buy a number of BATs, which are then redistributed among all the websites participating in the program.

The payout websites receive is determined by the generosity and frequency of their visitors. Brave Browser is free, and runs on iOS 9. Ulli's developer, Biggerpan, says it uses artificial intelligence to help people that don't quite know what they want. Tapping Ulli's Magic Button while reading a web page will bring up a list of suggestions for what to read next.

Imagine you're reading about a new film: the Magic Button might offer you a trailer, a review, or the opportunity to buy tickets at local theaters. If you choose to buy tickets, its next suggestions might be to view a map, book a ride, or find local restaurants. Once you've chosen one, it might suggest booking a table.

That sequence of desires is not so hard to predict; It will be interesting to see what next steps it recommends to people seeking help on StackExchange or filing a report in Bugzilla. Ulli is free, and runs on iOS 9. This browser has one of the longest features of any of the mobile browsers. You can tell Dolphin where you want to go by tapping on one of its speed-dial buttons, selecting a destination from the bookmarks, history or open tabs it has synchronized with your PC, or typing its address.

You can also use touch gestures to select favorite destinations, perhaps tracing a C for Computerworld. Dolphin Web Browser is free, and will run on iOS 7. Yes, the Microsoft browser that hardly anyone uses on Windows is coming to iOS, too. Edge will sync favorites and passwords between all your devices logged into Microsoft's cloud servers. And finally, Microsoft says it will have a built-in QR code scanner, voice search presumably using Cortana, which is already available on iOS and a mode it calls InPrivate to keep your browsing data private.

It's now available in Apple's App store. Mozilla is happy to get users for Firefox wherever it can, even on iOS, where the browser must not only compete with Safari but actually be Safari. Sort of. Like Chrome, Firefox has to rely on Safari's internals, including its rendering and JavaScript engines. That's an Apple rule for iOS. Firefox on the iPhone or iPad is a smart choice if you're already using Firefox on other devices, since it will sync bookmarks, passwords and other information between them all to keep you up to speed.

Firefox on iOS also features the same anti-ad tracking technology found on the desktop, and sports large visual tabs that are also numbered for fast retrieval. Mozilla Firefox is free, runs on iOS Here are the latest Insider stories. More Insider Sign Out. Sign In Register.

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Allez-vous essayer le navigateur Microsoft Edge sur Mac ?

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