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Buy a PC next time. A fraction of the cost and will work long enough to get your moneys worth.

What is Startup Manager?

Tried every suggestion on the list at minimum twice each. The only improvement is now the built in display lights, whereas, only the external monitor would after installing the update. There are zero externals attached to the MacBook Pro in any way. I and several hundred thousand other people pay monthly accounts online at the first of the month. I have followed the instructions on how to restart my MacBook Pro as per your instructions, all seems to work according to your instructions until i get to the password stage.

It accepts the password then just sits there… I am so frustrated. Sorry to hear about your problems with your MacBook Pro. Yes, that must feel very frustrating indeed. Since you get stuck in the password stage, are you entering an admin versus a standar user account password? Another option is to restart your Mac in Safe Mode add Shift key at restart and see if it detects any issues—if so, just starting it up in Safe Mode often fixes problems. I own a mini mac A late and my problem is that it stuck at the white screen with the apple and the loading bar… I have a usb keyboard not mac and I cannot enter recovery mode nor safe mode….

Can you help me please? Is there any way to install the OS from another machine, like a PC with win7? Thanks in advance for your reply! When prompted, type Y for yes to confirm that you want to erase the volume, then press Return. Terminal shows the progress as it creates a bootable installer. I have a MacBook Pro.

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I did install the recommended update earlier today but was working fine afterwards, but now nothing. Any suggestions appreciated.

How To Change Your Mac's Primary Boot Drive

Left my MacBook to update this morning got home from work to it turned off. Went to turn it on. Loaded up fine then crashed.

Troubleshooting firmware discovery problems

Tried to turn it back on loaded up then crashed. That must feel really awful and scary too! Have you tried a Safe Boot yet? First, plug your MacBook into a wall outlet and let it charge for a few hours undisturbed. Then, try doing a Safe Boot holding the Shift key and see if it launches. Alternatively, try booting in Recovery Mode holding Command and R keys together and run disk utility to check your HD.

A few readers who had similar problems after updating to High Sierra said they needed to boot up in Startup Manager pressing and holding the Option Key when restarting to get their High Sierra updated HD working normally—so you might want to try this too! Hi I got my first Mac the first month it existed. My recent laptop was literally falling apart, so I tried a PC and that was terrible, so I bought a Mac Mini from a friend and was enjoying it until I upgraded per Apple instruction. Days have passed and I have tried everything listed, twice have reinstalled backup and I cannot enter.

My progress is going from no chime to no acceptance of my blank pass word.

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This is far worse than the crap PC where people are trained to fix messes created by manufacturer. I used Mac because they worked I am going to see how to dump Hi Sierra and go backwards. I have a Time Machine running, but, of course, I cannot use the systems at this point. Perhaps, I can salvage data. I need to get out of this. I am offended by Apple Your detailed instructions are worthy of Linux. My problem is I work, not play computer. Sir I just updated my os on Mac book air. A message showing Mac OS Sierra could not be installed appears.

And now I am unable to start my Mac book. Kindly help me to start. Sorry to hear William. You should plan on taking it to the closest Apple Store or get in touch with Apple Support via phone. We try to address the most common issues. It is hard to cover all the issues especially without seeing the machine. Thanks for stopping by. I just updated my MacBook today and cannot turn it on. This has nothing to do with a third party software, it has everything to do with Apple screwing up. None of these suggestions has solved my problem. Right now my MacBook is useless.

I feel so cheated since I purchased this because it has had so many problems. Now my apple care is expired and this problem comes up. Joe, Sorry to hear about this issue that you are having.

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Please try and run an Apple Hardware test to see if there is anything funky that pops up. What macOS are you on currently? Normally, when choosing the Reinstall macOS option from your Recovery Partition does not remove your data or documents. However, if your disk or data is corrupted, it may not be retrievable. It is always best to backup your system before reinstalling macOS, if possible. The computer said it would take approx. No white screen, no grey screen just black.

If it starts up in safe mode, it will run through a series of tests. See this article for more info on Safe Mode and other possibilities. If nothing works, call Apple Support and let them know your Mac failed directly after updating—they should walk you through some additional steps. Top marks to that man. Tried both options in the article with no luck.

Then I started trying all the options in the comments. This is what worked for me.

Held down the option key, then hit the power button. Alex, Thank you for the tip. We are glad that it worked.

How to fix common Mac startup problems [MacRx] | Cult of Mac

We will make sure to update the article with the tip that you provided. Now the computer freezes every time after about minutes. I have tried force quitting every app that tries to start, but it does it every time. The only things actively running are WiFi and Bluetooth. This is not satisfactory, especially since I have work to do that can only be done on that machine right now. Sorry to hear about your MacBook Pro problems.

Enter Safe Mode by pressing and holding the Shift key when restarting. Keep holding Shift until you see a gray progress bar on-screen. Safe Mode takes a long time to load—so be patient. If you Mac restarts suddenly, Safe Mode ran a check and verified or repaired your disk. See if your Mac now works normally. If Safe Mode launches without restarting your Mac, check if you see that freezing occuring. If the problem persists, you may have a login item causing issues.

Click your account name and then click Login Items. Write down all of the login items listed or take a picture of the screen. Then, remove all of your login items and restart your Mac. See if removing your login items makes a difference in that freezing. Look for directions in the comment reply to Anindya. Hello I have a mid macbook pro And after updating my macbook to mac os sierra everything was working fine. But then I shut down my machine and after logging in again it was stuck on apple logo with a loading bar. I have tried everything mentioned above but nothing happened.