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Started by Big Yesterday at 7: Asus Vivobook i5 Vs. Laptop General Discussion. Moderators online. Top Bottom. Feb 3, Feb 1, Jan 31, Jan 28, MacBook liquid damage help. Jan 27, Jan 25, Extremely Slow Macbook Pro. Jan 23, MacBook Pro charging issue. Oct 19, Macbook Air is not powering on after charging with 60W charger. Aug 24, Had to do it a couple of times but its back to normal. Now I can write my paper thats due tomorrow. I did not want to go to the library.

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I had same problem of my Mac Air not charging and no orange light seen on Magsafe adapter. I just cleaned the contact area with tooth pick and pressed all spring loaded buttons on charging end of Magsafe. The tooth pick tip was black after clean carbon deposit? Mac Air started charging!!!!! Thank you!! You missed one other possibility. When using an older MagSafe with a newer MagSafe 2 Mac through a MagSafe to MagSafe 2 converter, sometimes the converter refuses to pass power even if it is correctly connected. I have found that simply breaking the connection both at the computer and between the converter and the MagSafe end often clears up the problem.

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However, I do sometimes have to disconnect the MagSafe end from the converter and flip it over. Hope this helps someone: Have done this several times for test, each times works like a charm, so the question remains, why would it work when the battery it is disconnected and then reconnected and not any other way. I have also swapped magsafe chargers…Would like to hear from others if experiencing the same. The green light or orange isnt showing but when i click the battery icon on my menu tab it saying battery not charging but there is a thunder bolt but the battery precent dont increase I need help I have tried everything here but its not working.

My charger led is green blinking.. But after about 1 day i am facing again the blinking green and no charge. I have a mac book pro. What can this be? I just unplugged the charger for a few minutes. Polished the pins with paper, and bam, it worked. So relieved. You just saved me a quite expensive trip to the apple store. Thank you so much!! Literally no light when using the battery test button and not wanting to charge.

The magsafe just stayed green, but as soon as I held down the 4 buttons for 4 seconds it turned orange! Thanks for the advice about using a tweezers on the middle prong. I had tried the steps in this article without success. Used my tweezers and it worked immediately.

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  • Battery will not charge. MagSafe adapter remains green?!

Thank you so much i was worried i had to buy a new charger and this was such a quick simple fix! I tried everything above and 2hrs later charger still not working. I might have to find some tweezers the central pin seems normal though …. What do I do.? Thank you so much: You just saved me from unnecessary head ache, and the money from buying the new charger. I have a mid Macbook Pro. I tried all 3 methods with the exception of removing the battery.

What did work for me is opening up the computer and unscrewing the MagSafe card, pushing it around a bit and reinserting it. That worked for whatever reason. Maybe it realigned the slot. This worked great!!.

If your Mac notebook with USB-C doesn't charge

Dirty port solution, cleaned with old toothbrush. Just saved me money and time I was about to but a new battery: This worked fine a few months ago. Thank you for posting this information. Glad I finally got annoyed enough to search for an answer! Mine will only connect with a green light and then not charge.

I also have to push it in and play around with the cord. There are no frays or tears anywhere. I was at my wits end. After reading realized I had made stupid mistake trying to clean with small metal screwdriver. But when trying with toothpicks realized a thick layer of oxidation.

Remembered that nail polish remover will help with this. Put some on qtip and continued with toothpick and just like new. Thanks for putting me on the right path! What should I do?? Awesome piece of advice! A piece of staple was the culprit and I managed to remove it using a toothpick. Looked up the price of the charger and felt my heart sink. Before I made a purchase however, I searched the web for possible solutions and voila!

I found this article.

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As it turns out, there was a piece of metal a staple, I believe stuck in the port. Once removed, the charger worked perfectly. Thank you so, so much for this article!

What to Do if Your Laptop Is Plugged In But Not Charging

This was definitely helpful! Tried this and still no light on the mag adapter. Basically it got cruded up Thanks guys, amazinnngggggg. I bought a new 85 w magsafe charger for my macbook pro from the Apple store but it does not work. When I use a generic charger, it works. What is happening?. I have restarted the SMC but it does not work. It works really I had tried a lot to check with the different repair centres but nothing was helpful but with this assistance it is working now many thanks cheers.

I tried this! However, I was just wondering why this happened? It would be great if I could figure out why it happened to begin with as my MacBook is fairly new, only got it a few months ago and I would like to prevent it from happening in the future. This did the trick! My Mac was not charging, made a funny static noise when I turned it on and sometimes would not even come on! This was a very helpful tip! Thank You!!! I am so relieved: Hi, last night my MacBook air battery was discharged completely and after that I am still trying to charge it shows green light but no orange light… Tried verious options but no luck… Please help me to fix this….

It is showing a dim green light internally.