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Instead, drag it towards the right for how to increase speed in VLC.

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The last solution is optional in case you may want to start playing with your defined VLC playback speed. Navigate yourself to the advanced settings. The VLC put most expert parameters in the interface of "Preferences". It is accessible through "Tools" on the menu bar. Or push both "Ctrl" and "P" keys at the same time to activate the settings. All users are ensured to make professional configurations in this window. Below the sidebar, there is an option for showing "Simple" or "All" settings.

Tick the "All" so that you can either scroll down the long list or type the name in the search box looking for it. Just click on the title and look to the right section. Under the "Playback control", the "Playback speed" box can be given an accurate value up to 2 decimal places as you demand. In the end, hit the "Save" button. If the VLC media player is not working smoothly as you expected, this product is the best option to be an outstanding VLC alternative.

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As a multitasking player application, this Leawo Blu-ray Player program opts to serve users with all the flawless playbacks with personalizing playback speed. Its capability lays in the seamless faster forward playback for all format media files including Blu-rays, 4K content, and over common container video formats.

This is what you will be wanting the most while you have higher requirements of the picture quality. It is built with an advanced processing core to bring out the breathtaking video image and audio results as the original way. Users will also benefit from a whole set of toolkits such as virtual remote control support, Power Manager, screenshot snapper, and even more.

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For most Windows users, it could never be more familiar with this native player program previously. Well, I would like to put an amazing description of this player even though Microsoft discontinued the support after Windows Back then, you can say this software was definitely one of the most popular players.

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Still, it also keeps the main advantageous features of the local player. One of its strong points is the support of the playback speed control. Thus, you do not have to change video speed VLC only.

However, there are many drawbacks comparing to the first recommendation. Some users reported that Windows Media Player keeps crashing many times in the short term. MPC HC has been a prevalent player product for the last decades.

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The classical interface will get you to some old-fashioned features. As the solid performance is one of the upper hands, it is also functioned as a speed changing player program.

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The general functions are in the same pattern as the VLC player, parameter setting panels are organized in a neat way. However, this application does not allow the skins and themes to be changed. And sometimes it is harder to seek configurations. In spite of acquiring how to increase speed in VLC, it is more ideal to find out another practical method for achieving the goal to change video speed VLC the top alternative program like Leawo Blu-ray Player. It allows you to adjust playback speed based on your preference. With the easy-understand interface, you will feel more comfortable using this app to change the playback speed.

Click on the images below to download and install this freeware Leawo Blu-ray Player of the correct version according to your computer. It works smoothly with both Mac and Windows systems. If you want to play Blu-ray discs, just insert one into a Blu-ray drive then the name of the disc will be shown on the home interface. For importing local video files from folders, tab on the green "Open File" icon to view computer files.

Or you would like to directly drag and drop files onto the window area. The playback panel is set at the bottom of the whole window. Next to the "Play" button on the right is the fast forward icon.

Easily tab it to quicken the playback. There will be a confirmation appearing on the upper-left corner telling you how many times speeding up. Click it to slow down the video that you speed up. Yes, we can customize the default set of hotkeys in VLC Player without the help of tools or extensions. If for some reason, you want to customize one or more keyboard shortcuts of VLC, here is how to do it. Step 3: In the left-pane, click Hotkeys icon to view all supported keyboard shortcuts by default.

Step 4: On the right-side, look for the keyboard shortcut that you want to customize, double-click on the same, and then press the new keyboard shortcut that you would like to assign. Once all customizations are done, click Save button before exiting. Simply click Assign button to ignore the warning and set the new hotkey.

For instance, to customize the volume up hotkey, simply double-click on Volume up entry, press the new hotkey, and then click Assign button.