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Stylish and lightweight, the sleeve comes in various sizes, ensuring that every MacBook owner can find the right fit.

Accessories for MacBook Air 13 Inch:

It even has pockets for small essentials. There are two colors to choose from: charcoal and light gray. The accessory is available for the inch MacBook Pro as well. The latter guarantees effortless pairing and a stable connection between the completely wireless earbuds and your notebook. It will also pair them with all Apple devices that use the same iCloud account. They sound great, too. This variant of the buds requires a Lightning cable for charging.

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If you ever want to hook your MacBook up to a TV or external monitor, this cable is an absolute must-have. A Wirecutter favorite , it's an absolute lifesaver for hotel TVs that don't have Netflix. Choetech's cable is braided to prevent fraying and we like that its USB-C connector is set at a right angle to reduce strain on your laptop's USB-C port. Plus, it comes with a nice leather snap strap to keep things organized when you store it in the included carrying case.

It's also a great option for connecting your notebook to a compatible external display. Anker backs the accessory with an month warranty. The accessory has the same finish as the Apple notebook, so it looks great when plugged in. The gadget is designed to plug into both USB-C connectors on the left side of the MacBook Pro don't worry, you have two more on the other side!

This inexpensive accessory pouch is nice-looking and impressively made. It's the perfect size for carrying your MacBook's power brick, along with a few other cables or dongles.

There's even enough room to stow a wireless mouse or portable battery in it, too! We like that the X5 is shock-resistant. It can survive drops from more than 6 feet, according to Samsung. You can order the accessory with up to 2 TB of storage. Samsung backs its creation with a robust 3-year warranty. The tester praised it for being fast and secure, and for its coverage by an excellent warranty. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Facebook logitech. A Versatile Flash Drive. A Must-Have Hub. A Versatile Wall Charger. A Durable Charging Cable.

A Screen Cleaner. A Convenient Card Reader. A Protective Sleeve. A Car Charger. A Portable Mouse. A Battery Pack. A MacBook Stand. A USB Adapter. A Stylish Protective Case. A Lightweight Sleeve. A Pair of Completely Wireless Earbuds. MacBook Pro.

Buy MacBook Pro. More performance. Performance With great power comes great capability. Up to 8 -core Intel processor. Up to 5. Up to 32 GB of memory. Up to 3.

Up to 4. Memory Run more. Wait less. Up to 2. Graphics Eye-opening graphics performance. Radeon Pro Vega graphics. Touch Bar More ways to be productive. Always within reach.

9 Best MacBook Accessories You Must Try

Tap it. Hold it. Flick it. Just what you need. Right where you need it. Unlock your Mac. Thunderbolt 3 The most powerful and versatile port ever.

MacBook Air 13 In Accessories

Up to Gbps data transfer. Charge and provide power from any port. Connects with eGPU. Display and Audio Easy on the eyes. Music to your ears. True Tone technology.

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