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Amazon Black Friday Deals Everything you need to know 1 day ago. Walmart Black Friday Deals Everything you need to know 1 day ago. I'll also add that when I manually download and install the current Minecraft app v, chown'd to my standard user who is running it , it goes through the following setup steps: Updating Minecraft Downloading runtime Setting up runtime Downloading launcher Unpacking launcher. With the "Updating Minecraft" step showing up, it seems likely that Minecraft requires that the current user have write permissions on the app so that it can be updated.

In that case, there's not a lot of hope for Minecraft in a multi-user environment, unless you want to make it writable by everyone or install it per user. Finally, I'm wondering if a custom Launcher would be possible for this app, similar to what you've designed for MinecraftEdu.

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Unfortunately, Minecraft has completely changed how the installer works since I wrote this recipe; this method simply doesn't work anymore. I have a work in progress solution, but it might be better for me to simply pull Minecraft from my repo until that's ready to go. As I no longer have to deploy Minecraft, this is not a priority for me. Annoyingly, Minecraft still assumes that it's installing for the only user of the system, and doesn't even pretend to work with multiple users.

The best solution I've found for mass-deployment is still to put up a launch agent that copies the appropriate pieces into the user's Library, similarly to what I did for MinecraftEdu. For now, this will languish a bit until I find the time to address it.

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Sorry for the inconvenience. On Tue, Oct 20, at PM, jakerundall notifications github. No worries. That's completely understandable.

It's a little more wasteful but I wasn't quite sure what the necessary components were. And it seemed like it would continue to work even if Minecraft changes things again. Could you do a step by step to kind of 'fix' this probem, or do your solution.

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Hi - I've installed 3 items: the app, a script to be run at the user level to copy the app and also register it as trusted , and LaunchAgent to schedule the script at login. But that's fodder for a different article. Luckily, as I mentioned, the folder is just hidden, using a special file attribute called the hidden flag.

You just need to know how to access the folder or, if you prefer, unhide it. But in Lion, if you Option-click the Go menu, your Library folder magically appears in the menu; choose Library from the menu to open the folder in the Finder. Hold down the Option key while clicking the Go menu, and your Library folder magically appears.


If you make the Scripts menu visible, as explained in the previous item, you can choose this script at any time to open your Library folder. Some third-party launcher utilities see the next item will even let you run scripts using the keyboard or keyboard shortcuts. Use a launcher utility Most launcher utilities, such as Alfred , Butler , LaunchBar , and Launcher , let you quickly open folders in the Finder. Choose it from here to open it in the Finder.

Once you've opened the Library folder, you can drag it to the Finder window's toolbar or sidebar.

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This creates an alias to your Library folder; you can place this alias anywhere you like and use it to open your personal Library folder. This creates a symbolic link on your Desktop to your Library folder.

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You can move this link anywhere on your hard drive; double-click the link just like any folder to open your Library folder. Use a third-party file utility A number of third-party file browsers and Finder substitutes, including Path Finder , include the option to show invisible files in their file listings.

You can use one of these utilities to open your Library folder whenever you need access to it. Create a keyboard shortcut for opening it Mac OS X lets you assign a keyboard shortcut to any menu command. But what you may not know is that you can even create a keyboard shortcut for a hidden menu item—such as, say, the Go menu's Library item.