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You may need to email a PDF to someone, but if the file size is too large, every time you click "Send," you may receive an error message or an email bounceback announcing that your file was undeliverable. If you are using a Mac, you can compress the size of your PDF file in a few simple steps, enabling you to successfully send the document.

Provide a new file name and location for your compressed PDF file.

How to compress a PDF on Mac

Rose Medlock has been a journalist for nearly a decade, and has spent the majority of that time as a freelance writer on the side. Search Glass x. Open it with the Preview application. Tip If you'd like to check the size of your PDF after following the steps to compress it, simply click the PDF's icon and hold down the "Command-I" keys at the same time.

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They are the ones which control the behavior that causes these issues. You can use the browse down option to get there as well.

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Click on the copy and paste option and then copy it to your desktop. For those that want several compression options, you can create several copies of this file.


Doing this will allow you to have them there for when you need each one accordingly. In some cases, it may be that you can not access the default compression filter anymore.

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In this case, you can download some already modified Quartz filters here on GitHub. The next step is to find the file.

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Look at it and you can set it to any number you want to. They range from 1 which is the least compressed, to the -1 which is the most compressed.

You can set any of these to 0. Also, you can set one to 0. This is set to by default. However, you can increase it to final size, whatever that may be.

How to Compress PDF in Preview on Mac

Most people set this option to for their medium quality compression. That ends up resulting in A4 at DPI.

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  5. For high-quality compression, they set it at which results in A4 paper at DPI. You should change the name to something self-evident. This step may require administration authentication. Keep in mind that you can always use our Free online document converter tool to convert your images and documents to PDF.