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This value stacks with both the fill color and text color opacity values. Font settings: These control the style of a widget's text by setting its font family, typeface, font size, and font color.

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Note: If you use fonts listed under the Local heading in the font picker, see the web fonts reference guide to learn how to preserve the fonts when you publish your prototype. Line Spacing leading : Adjusts the amount of space between lines of text. You can set a specific pixel value or leave "auto" selected to use the default spacing. Character Spacing tracking : Adjusts the amount of space between individual characters in widget text. You can set a specific value in tenths of a pixel or leave "0" selected to use the default spacing. Alignment: The six alignment options control the alignment of a widget's text within its borders.

You can control both horizontal and vertical alignment.

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Color: Sets a widget's fill color. Widget fill colors can be solid or include a linear or radial gradient. Image: Sets a shape widget's fill image and the image's alignment, scaling, and tiling.

Using an Add-on

Color: Sets the color and opacity of a line widget or a two-dimensional widget's outline. Line colors can be solid or include a linear or radial gradient. Thickness: Sets the thickness of a line widget or a two-dimensional widget's outline. Arrows: Adds arrowheads to one or both ends of a line widget or an open shape. You can control the shadow's X and Y offsets, its blur, and its color. For inner shadows, you can also control the shadow's spread. Use the numeric Radius field to round the corners of a rectangular widget.

You can also do this by selecting the widget on the canvas and dragging the yellow triangle at its top-left corner. PySimpleGUI is an active project. Bugs are fixed, features are added, often.


Should you run into trouble, open an issue on the GitHub site and you'll receive help. Posting questions on StackOverflow, Forums, Mailing lists, Reddit, etc, is not the fastest path to support and taking it may very well lead you astray as folks not familiar with the package struggle to help you. Why only 1 location? It's simple It's THE spot on the Internet for this project. It's not some freakish being in control, telling people how to do things. It's so that YOU get the best and quickest support possible. So, open an Issue , choose "custom form" and fill it out completely.

There are very good reasons behind all of the questions.

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Cutting corners only cuts your chances of getting help and getting quality help as it's difficult enough to debug remotely. Don't handicap people that want to help by not providing enough information. Be sure and run your program outside of your IDE first. Start your program from the shell using python or python3 command.

On numerous occassions much time was spent chasing problems caused by the IDE. By running from a command line, you take that whole question out of the problem, an important step. Don't sit and stew, trying the same thing over and over , until you hate life Someone WILL answer you.

Support is included in the purchase price for this package the quality level matches the price as well I'm afraid. Just don't be too upset when your free support turns out to be a little bit crappy, but it's free and typically good advice. Yea, they're out there. Would have NEVER in a billion years guessed that there would be objection to this package, coming from a small, but vocal, number of people.

I naively believed everyone would be supportive, see the value, hold hands around the fire, sing songs, and in the very least be truthful. But, this ain't Kansas and the Internet is well If someone is actively discouraging you from using this package, then know you are on the right track and you should give it a try. Stuff like this sometimes happens because the person works for a particular company or they have a GUI package of their own I promise you're not going to be wrecked for life.

It will not cause you to be a bad programmer with bad habits. It will not ruin your career. It's not going to teach you bad habits. How about success being the goal? Spend time polishing your GUI and working on your primary code instead of struggling your way through the mountains of documentation in the Qt library, trying to set the color of something. How about getting your program done, working, and in use? Unable to write a while loop because you already learned using a for loop?

That seems to be the logic. If anything, you'll have more knowledge than most people that are just starting because you'll have already built working GUIs, perhaps many of them and understand how to layout an efficient interface as well as having a good education in GUI Widgets and how they work. Here are the forces likely at work Probably invested a lot of hours learning them and thus has some marketable skills yes, follow the money. What used to be a skill only a select few can do, now 1,'s, 10,'s, or ,s more programmers can do, quicker and easier.

Bummer Mr.

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It's supposed to be difficult. Well, not in this Python universe. Note that people are not part of that description. Is starting a thread, building a multi-threaded Python program incredibly difficult such that it takes a year to learn? It's quite easy. Like most things Python, you import the object from package and you use it.

It is 2 lines of Python code to create and start a thread. Why can't it be 2 lines of code to show a GUI window? Other parts and packages of Python don't tend to do that.

The reason is because they didn't originate in Python. They are strangers in a strange land and they had to be "adapted". There's a vaneer of Python slapped onto the top of them, but that sure didn't make them fit the language as well as they could have. PySimpleGUI is designed with both the beginner and the experienceed developer in mind. Because both tend to like compact code. And, why not do it in a way that's like how most of Python works?

The beginners can begin working with GUIs in their first week of Python education. The professionals can jump right into the deep end of the pool to use the entire array of Elements and their capabilities to build stuff like a database application. They like the existing GUI architectures they're all roughly the same, except this one.

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There's plenty of room there with plenty of possible solutions. But how about a quick stop-in for some open mindedness exercises. Maybe you will come up with an interesting suggestion even if you don't use it.